Preview: Gears of War #1

At NY Comic Con I had the privilege of attending a panel regarding the upcoming sequel to 2006's megahit Gears of War. On the panel was a man named Joshua Ortega, whose scratchy voice as a result of late night convention partying added a certain Gears of War raspiness to his words. He was on the panel as one of the main writers for Gears of War 2, and he also mentioned being a writer for the upcoming Gears of War comic. That was in April, now its September and the comic is due out in October. My how time flies. Hitting stores October 8, Gears of War #1 is the first of six issues that bridge the gap between the first game and the second game, the latter of which is conveniently being released in November. If you haven't finished the first game you probably shouldn't read the comic (or the rest of this post), but if you did and were wondering how the Locusts plan on dealing with their house being blown up by Marcus Fenix and company then these issues are for you. Ortega's wartime prose is accompanied by art from Liam Sharp, with Brandon Badeaux pulling variant cover duty. Gears of War #1 is due in stores October 8 for $3.99, and it bears the Mature Readers tag of course. Preview: Gears of War #1