Preview: Jungle Girl Season 2 #1

Way back in the day before comics really became more about spandex and divine powers they were about crime and horror. You know, normal stuff. Because these topics tend to attract adolescent boys, part of the appeal of the comics were hypersexualized females drawn very liberally (really not much has changed on that front). One of the characters created was Sheena, a character akin to Tarzan, and Dynamite Comics is using its special powers to revitalize old comics by bringing a character of her likeness back to comic stores. Jungle Girl Season 2 #1 follows Jana as we learn more about her past. And we couldn't very well learn anything about her past without learning more about her environment either. Luckily writer Doug Murray fills us in on both fronts, accompanied by art from Adriano Batista and Frank Cho, Jungle Girl Season 2 #1 hits stores this November for the tidy sum of $2.99. Preview: Jungle Girl Season 2 #1