Preview: Unknown Soldier #1

Arlington National Cemetery has the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The symbolism of the tomb is an honor of sorts to all those soldiers that have died in wars that didn't necessarily die unnoticed but weren't necessarily given a proper burial for whatever reason. Many other countries do this as well as a tribute to fallen soldiers. DC created a character known (heh) as the Unknown Soldier, and now writer Joshua Dysart is revisiting that character in a new series from Vertigo. The story takes place in Northern Uganda, 2002, where tourists are killed with machetes and 12-year-olds carry AK-47s like they're toy bats. Moses Lwanga is at the center of it all as the peaceful doctor, but when he's threatened he realizes he knows how to kill. And he has a voice telling him that his ability to kill those responsible for the carnage will fix the country. Hence the Unknown Soldier aspect. Dysart spent a month in Uganda doing research, and his hyperrealistic story is beautifully illustrated by Alberto Ponticelli and with covers by Igor Kordev. The first issues hits stores October 6 for $2.99, and you can check out a preview of the work in House of Mystery #6. Preview: Unknown Soldier #1