The Punisher: No Mercy coming to PSN

The Punisher: War Zone is the next incarnation of the Punisher film series that has been somewhat maligned. The last version featuring Thomas Jane was actually decent, and it was quite intriguing that they decided to drop Jane and go with Ray Stevenson. But the next version seems at the very least to be as violent as the comic book. No word on the story yet, but at least there's going to be violence! Because of the movie there seems to be a new game in the works, and that game is coming to the PlayStation Network (PSN). According to a post by Zsolt Kigyossy (Managing Director at Zen Studios) on the PlayStation Blog a first-person Punisher game will be coming to PSN. And he assures readers that everyone at Zen Studios are "true believers" so it should at least be true to source material. The game will be called The Punisher: No Mercy and will be relentless first-person violence. And its the first time you'll play through the Marvel Universe through a first-person perspective using the Unreal Engine 3. The game will feauture online multiplayer and many Punisher villains will be making apperances including Jigsaw, Bushwacker, Barracude and Silver Sable (and Kigyossy even drops a War Journal hint). You can keep track of the game over at Stay tuned for more updates. The Punisher: No Mercy coming to PSN