Review: Heroes - One of Us, One of Them

Within the reviews I'm going to try and look at each review from the perspectives of each of the main characters, but because there are so many some of these could get lengthy. These are not spoiler free, so please be mindful of that when reading. Episode three is upon us, and the big question going in is does it flow better than the first two, or is it jut as disjointed? Heroes does best when it picks a few characters to focus on for one episode, because then the glut of characters that are on the show don't make the show unwatchable. This week was spent primarily focused on Tracy Strauss and Sylar, with Hiro, Claire, Parkman and the Petrellis as sort of extra stories. Tracy seems to be a clone, which would be a good explanation for her power since they've really not described it just yet. She runs into Micah in New Orleans who sends her to see a doctor that admits to having made Tracy as a clone. Interesting. Sylar has been paired with Mr. Bennett to capture the brotherhood of evil mutants, and in tracking them down a few things happen. First, future Peter releases present Peter who recently discovered that he is Banshee, and is consequently killed by Sylar for a power that he'll maybe use once. In any case, Sylar proved his mom (Mrs. Petrelli) wrong by really being an animal. Of course the big question is whether she really is her mom or if she's just using her persuasion power to convince Sylar otherwise. Claire now has two moms and decides that she wants to learn to fight. Which prompts her mom to promptly suffocate her in a trailer with her flame until she admits why she really wants to fight (to get revenge on Sylar). But like her dad before her, she's absconded with the villains files and is off to do who knows what. Hiro sets a trap for the Speedster only to fail because the Haitian is around, and is promptly locked up along with Ando in Level 5. And Parkman continues his spirit walk and has learned that the polite African native he's run into has chronicled his life a la Isaac. The show is settling into itself in this third episode. Motives are being made clear, and it even seems that Mohinder could be the one that causes the world to end. My one complaint is that it finally seemed that the heroes would have some villains to fight, which is an element that has been sorely lacking. There were finally some ruthless villains out on the street, only to end up being caught or killed in the third episode of the season. So now we're back to Sylar being the villain again, and Claire doing who knows what. The season is shaping up to be promising, but right now its still a little unsure of itself it seems. Overall score: 88 out of 100


  1. i agree it is like they build up this whole thing about villians and such then in the third episode kill off two of them. what kind foc rap is that?


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