Secret Invasion followed by Dark Reign

Monday (September 8) 2008 wrapped up the Diamond Comics Distributors Retail Summit, which is basically another venue for publishers to announce upcoming happenings in their comic universes. Last night Marvel let loose quite a few bombshells via Omnicomic favorite Brian Michael Bendis. The biggest bombshell is that the followup to the Secret Invasion storyline will be Dark Reign focusing on the fallout of Secret Invasion. "The Initiative was kind of like the Cold War," the SECRET INVASION scribe explains, comparing this new push to Initiative branding that followed 2006's Civil War. "There's a war, and then there's a cold war. This was an invasion, and from the invasion, certain people take the hit, certain people rise up as the heroes who you wouldn't expect, and from that comes a new power status in the Marvel Universe that some would consider a dark reign and some would consider heaven. One man's dark reign is another man's 'Finally!'" Bendis also mentioned that he would be leaving Mighty Avengers after issue #20 and begin work on a new series called Dark Avengers featuring art by Mike Deodato. Bendis mentioned that yes he is still working on with Alex Maleev and is apologetic that his Spider-Woman and is apologetic that his Powers series has been so delayed. "There's going to be new books," vows the writer, one of which will be the new DARK AVENGERS title, written by him with art by Mike Deodato. "There's going to be new alliances. There's going to be new teams and team dynamics. A new world dynamic. What people said about Civil War is that it really changed the dynamic between the super heroes and the rest of the Marvel Universe, and this is even a newer dynamic between the Marvel characters and the world they live in." Other news includes the 2009 debut of Ultimate Avengers by Mark Millar and the launch of a new series called Marvel Noir. Bendis on Dark Reign