Tobey Maguire's bank account is tingling

The Spider-man movie trilogy from Sony is a financial juggernaut. Despite the third one receiving less than favorable reviews, the movie still made tons and tons of money. There are a few reasons for that success (beyond the fact that its Spider-man), but the most important reason would have to be Tobey Maguire. His portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-man was nothing short of awesome, and now we know he's back on for the fourth and fifth installments. But what we didnt know is how much he's making. Until now. According to a Times Online article, Maguire has agreed to film the next two films simultaneously during a six-month window in 2009 for $50 million. And he gets to work only during the day, taking off early mornings and evenings to spend time with his new daughter. Let's take a minute here. First of all, I'm glad that Sony wasn't stupid and decided to pay him what he was asking for to do the next two movies. Anyone else they tried to put in there really would not have been able to stack up to Maguire. Second, the time off for his child. Sony was worried about this caveat because they felt it would set a dangerous precedent. And what precedent would that be Sony? The precedent that people want to spend time with their kids? In any event, we know that Maguire is coming back and is being paid a princely sum, so at least we know he's happy. And word is that news on Kirsten Dunst's involvement in the sequels will be made clear this week. Dunst is apparentely battling depression and its unknown if she's going to be able to handle the rigors of filming the next two installments simultaneously. Tobey Maguire making amazing Spidey-loot