UDON's Street Fighter comic coming to DVD

Street Fighter takes me back. I remember playing the first one in an arcade at a corner store called Pops where you could be one of two characters and the moveset was pretty limited. But then Capcom unleashed upon us Street Fighter II, and the fighting game genre has never looked back. In 2005 UDON released a comic version of the revolutionary fighting game called Street Fighter: Eternal Challenge and brought the characters and rough and tumble fighting to the pages of a comic. If you missed the comic when it came out fear not, as Eagle One Media is giving you the chance to catch up on DVD form. Coming February 9, 2009 will be Round One - Fight!, pitting Ryu and Ken against Bison and his crew to get to the bottom of the mysterious death of their martial arts master. There are also appearances by Cammy, Vega, Sagat, Chun-Li and Guile (all of the main players in the Street Fighter universe). The 80-minute DVD doesn't just feature the comic as a comic, rather the work is displayed as a video. There are two versions of the comic: one without word text balloons that makes it seem like an anime-style film and one with the word balloons on screen. This is an interesting way to present the comic. Many DVDs that feature comics do so in a manner where the book is still shown on screen and you leaf through the pages with the remote. So the fact that this presentation will essentially animate the comic provides a new twist on the art. Hopefully this doesn't become a trend because it does take away from the feel of reading a comic. I understand the trend of reading comics digitally, but at least then you're still flipping pages. It seems like this version of the Street Fighter comic is more animation than comic, but its presenting a comic so what can you do. UDON's Street Fighter comic coming to DVD