Watchmen lawsuit really about Batman?

Fox and Warner Brothers are embroiled in a lawsuit over the release of Watchmen next year. But I'm sure you knew that already. The lawsuit makes sense from a financial perspective, because if Fox really does own the rights of distribution and if Warner Brothers releases the film then Fox stands to profit handsomely from profits. But is that what its really all about? According to Rich Johnston at Comic Book Resources, the lawsuit isn't really about money from the Watchmen movie at all. Its about Batman (as if he could have an even bigger year as it is). See, Fox owns the footage from the Batman TV show from the 1960s, but Warner Brothers owns the rights to the characters and the trademarks. Fox has wanted to release the show on DVD for years now but have been tied up in a similar release rights lawsuit. Word has it that Fox plans on using that series as leverage in their case against Warner Brothers. If it plays out like Fox wants it to, then they'll get a handsome sum of money for Warner Brothers to release Watchmen, and Fox will be able to release the Batman TV show on DVD. In the end, I think all comic book fans win since we'll get to see each in their respective mediums. Watchmen lawsuit about Batman?