Watchmen trial date set

Variety reports that a trial date has been set for January 6 for Fox to explain why they feel they should get some of the profits from what will be a profitable film release. Judge Gary Allen Feess has indicated that because of the complexity of the case there will be nor preliminary injunction, and he'd like the case to move as quickly as possible and is asking for expedited discovery. A motion on behalf of WB two weeks ago was denied by Feess, putting the film's legal status in the spot its in now. Warner Brothers have not changed their original release date of March 6 for the film, and with the trial date set for January 6 that gives it a whole two months to get things resolved. While this will wreak havoc with any marketing plans WB may have had in mind for Watchmen, at least there's still the chance we'll see it as expected on March 6. But I doubt this film really needs any marketing at this point. Watchmen trial date set