Captain America IS in The Incredible Hulk

When director Louis Leterrier was making the rounds for The Incredible Hulk, there were rumors that Captain America was in the film. Leterrier wasn't so explicit in saying that there was an actual cameo by the Cap himself, and we all know that the serum used to make Abomination is from the same doctor that created the Super Serum. But now we have word that there may be more. The movie hits DVD and Blu-ray next week, and there is an alternate opening featuring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner traversing the Arctic landscape. Latino Review has some screenshots from the movie that show what appears to be the Cap's shield in the snow. Not only the Cap's shield, but if you look real closely you can even make out a silhouette of the Captain himself! Now this is really kind of stretching it as far as saying Cap is in the movie. But this could fit nicely as a cameo scene in the future that I've alluded to before, where Tony Stark goes up there to free the Captain from his icy prison to stop whatever evil there is in The Avengers movie. But still, this is a really cool nod to fans if it is in the beginning, and we can only hope that this stuff keeps on showing up in these films. Its so cool to be a comic book fan these days. Captain America IS in The Incredible Hulk?