Daniel Craig turned down Thor?

We are less than a month away from what looks to be the baddest ass James Bond movie yet in Quantum of Solace, which means that Daniel Craig is doing the requisite premiere rounds. As movie fans know not all questions aimed at the stars are directly tied to the movie in question. This very same incident recently happened to Craig, as he had to deflect a nasty rumor that he was approached to play Thor. IESB's Robert Sanchez recently brought the issue up with Craig at a premiere, and Craig flatly said that he had no interest in the role and had actually turned it down. His less than serious response was that playing Thor and Bond would be too much of a "power trip." So Craig was on Marvel's shortlist to play the man with the hammer. Why would he turn such a role down though is beyond me. I mean, I don't quite think its the role per se, as we've seen that comic book film roles have gained traction among actors as being reputable as long as the source material is adapted correctly. But what if Craig was really worried about Marvel's recent contract antics? There was the whole Jon Favreau debacle where Marvel wouldn't pay him the money to come back, and now Terrence Howard is updating a previous story by saying Marvel just ignored his contract when handing the role of War Machine over to Don Cheadle. And don't forget about the spat between Edward Norton and the producers of The Incredible Hulk when it came to creative control. Could Marvel be creating a bad reputation for itself when it comes to treatment of its actors? This is purely speculation on my part, but its definitely a theory that has seemingly gained ground as of late. Or Craig just might not have wanted to take the role. Daniel Craig turned down Thor?