Defense with the BoomStick

The end of the world is something that may or may not happen, but if it does its good to be prepared. Defense with the BoomStick by Brandon Pilley (Omnicomic's resident zombie expert) will bring you a short tip to survive should the end of the world include zombies. And since we're dealing with zombies, please be aware that some tips may depict some rather gory scenarios. But last I checked zombies aren't looking to have a delightful cup of tea with you. Well, well, well, is that time already again isn’t it? Time flies when you're blowing away zombie heads and listening to the same music over and over again. So what’s on the agenda for today my friend? Well I will tell you. It looks like some news, then the weather, and then we go over some sports and after that the tip of the week. Lets get cracking shall we. First news is that it seems that Europe is completely overran and is now completely dead...well undead I mean. The countries that are left with pockets of survivors are as follows: the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, parts of northern Siberia (mostly the mountainous parts of what’s left are Asia). The mountains are the safer bet since when it gets cold the zombies slow down and freeze. When I hear about more areas I will let you know, but for other news on the homefront it seems that more of the bandits and all around bad men are slowly dwindling down to nothing (between them turning on one other and the constant horde of zombies following their every move, it was only time before they would be wiped out). Weatherwise, it is pretty nice where I am at, although it is starting to get cold so winter is on its way, and for those of you in the northern states make sure to stay warm because frostbite and cold can kill you just as quickly as a zombie can. On the sports front...well that is a tricky one, since nobody is really playing any sports because of the whole end of the world thing, so nothing to report on that. Gonna keep it short this week as I am bone tired (lately I've been having too many zombies to kill and they've been keeping me up all hours of the night with their damn moaning-here is an extra free tip as well if you got ear plugs they are a godsend to help keep your sanity). So for the tip I am gonna talk about what you need to be carrying on you if you are traveling cross country to a possible safe haven or even just out scavenging for food. If you are out on your own these are the minimum things you should be carrying with you. To start with, try to have at least one long range weapon or something that packs a kick like a shotgun (preferably a pump action and not a double barrel as you have to reload less), or a single bolt action rifle which work the best for those head shots (which I'll get into on another broadcast). Secondly, have a backup sidearm, most preferably a 9mm or Glock, but use whatever you can find and carry enough ammo for both of these weapons as they are useless without the ammo. After the firearms, a good melee weapon like a machete or some sort of club are good for the more silent kills when possible, and plus they're good to have if you do run out of ammo. You should be carrying your extra gear in a nice sized (but not to big) backpack like those that clip to the front and people use when they used to travel in Europe. They are perfect for distributing the weight of what you are carrying and not slow you down or tire you out to quickly. Inside this pack you should be carrying your extra ammo, flashlights, batteries, water, a compass, map of your area, some sort of provisions and medicine to help with any aches or headaches you might get since you are in the zombies hunting ground. These are just the basic supplies you should be carrying with you, and you can expand or decrease accordingly. If you are in a larger party these items can be distributed better and able to carry more (and there is also more likely to be a better diversity of weapons). Well that is it for now; ain't got much more energy left to talk up here and finally want to get some sleep since I've cleared out the perimeter and can't hear their damn moans anymore. This is Brandon signing off and till next time remember to survive. And as an added bonus here's a little music for ya from a fellow by the name of Sir Mix Alot. Make sure not to leave it up to loud. And here it goes (music kicks in and starts playing the beat) I like big butts and I can not like your other brothers can't deny, when that girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and big round thing in my face I get sprung.(Song continues to play at the end transmission ends)