Defense With the BoomStick

The end of the world is something that may or may not happen, but if it does its good to be prepared. Defense with the BoomStick by Brandon Pilley (Omnicomic's resident zombie expert) will bring you a short tip to survive should the end of the world include zombies. And since we're dealing with zombies, please be aware that some tips may depict some rather gory scenarios. But last I checked zombies aren't looking to have a delightful cup of tea with you. Hello this is Brandon speaking...well not actually me speaking as this is just a recording that is playing over the air for your listening pleasure. If this recording is playing that means I am on a mission outside of my compound for some reason or another and thus left something for you to listen to in my absence. Good afternoon to all my faithful listeners out there or anybody who can’t turn their radio off and are stuck listening. It’s your old pal Brandon speaking, here to give you the tip for the week and help you survive just that much longer. Since I am doing a recording it is going be short, sweet and to the point just in case have to do more can save batteries in this recorder. Well then let's get to the tip of the week, and this week I am going to discuss how to take down a zombie when you have run out of ammo and perhaps don’t have any melee weapons close by. Of course, do not under any circumstance try these techniques if fighting multiple zombies as they will overpower you and eat your guts for dinner for being so stupid and trying. Ok first off you have to remember that you are alive, which means faster, definitely smarter (at least I hope) and stronger than the zombie. Be sure to use all of these to your advantage. When first squaring off with your opponent,make sure to stay away from punching it in the face because you will probably get your ass bit. As the zombie comes towards you sidestep it, and when it is in arm range grab one of its arms and pull while tripping it with your foot also so as to get it on the ground. Then swiftly stomp on the back of its head or neck region for the killing blow. Another method you can do is attempt to kick at the zombies knees to snap them backwards, immobilizing the zombie and reducing it to crawling (but once on the ground again perform the killing stomp to the back of the neck and head). Mainly in defense against the zombie you have to make sure it doesn’t get a hold of your hair, clothes or just get a good grip on you as it will pull whatever it can towards its mouth to bite and tear through. That’s why it is always good to keep hair cut short and clothes tight so they have nothing to grab. While fighting a zombie hand to hand is never a welcomed or suggested thing if it must be done now you have the tools to do so. Well we're at the end of the recording as I'm trying to save batteries (although come to think of it how am I going to turn this off without being here). Well good luck and till next time fellow survivors, remember to stay alert, stay vigilant and most importantly stay alive. Next week I hope you’ll be hearing me live and not dead air, good luck to you all and keep on fighting….