Final Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine script

I was a huge fan of Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine. The writing was phenomenal, and the art perfectly supplanted the story. Sadly, the work ended after only two issues and was temporarily "suspended," which equates probably never coming back at all. But good news true believers! According to the latest My Cup O'Joe, Joe Quesada answered a reader question about the continuation of the tale. And get this...he's even got a preview of the script! Jargon sez: Thanks for the peek at the Young Avengers script in last week's MyCup! So where's our peek at the final Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk script? We know it's done, so where's it at? JQ: Jargon, all the scripts are in, and artist Leinil Yu is dying to get on the series once he's done with Secret Invasion. So I'll pass along word as to scheduling as soon as we know for sure. As for a peek, how about a preview of the Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk script? I asked Damon to pick out a small sample and this is what he chose specifically for you. Damon said, "How about the bit where Hulk is asking Logan which leg he wants him to eat?" PAGE THREE Panel One Our Classic Image... HULK TEARING WOLVERINE IN HALF. Leinil... you can either take a new shot at this from a different angle, or we can simply transplant the one you've already done into this panel. Your call.
CAPTION: LOGAN (V.O.) Too far. Already done this part. Panel Two HULK stands, towering over Logan. LOGAN's LOWER BODY is tightly in Hulk's grip. In fact, one leg in each hand... sort of like a WISHBONE. CAPTION; LOGAN (V.O.) Stop. Here's good. Panel Three ON HULK. CLOSER. And again, this is a more intelligent HULK. Not the MANIAC we have become accustomed to. HULK So which one do I eat, Logan? Right or left? Your call. CAPTION; LOGAN (V.O.) Ever see that movie "Sophie's Choice?" Panel Four THIS SHOULD BE A WIDER PANEL... an ESTABLISHING SHOT of sorts. This panel should DOMINATE the whole page. A LEGLESS LOGAN. Behind him, an odd, LARGER THAN LIFE BONSAI TREE at the TOP OF A VERY, VERY TALL MOUNTAIN... a PEAK almost. Logan's face a combo of ANGER AND DEFEAT as he looks up at Hulk, who happens to be holding half of his body. CAPTION; LOGAN (V.O.) Yeah. Me either. PAGE FOUR Panel one: ON HULK. Close enough to see that yes, perhaps he's more in touch with Banner's brain... but he's still an ANIMAL -- HULK Three seconds. Pick or I'll pick for you. Right or left. Panel two: LOGAN. @$%. CAPTION; LOGAN Two people at the Mansion ain't allowed at Poker Night. Baldy for the obvious reasons... Panel three: HULK. Closer. The illusion that we're PUSHING IN... HULK One. Panel four: LOGAN. CLOSER. FROWNING. CAPTION: LOGAN ... and me 'cause I can smell a bluff from a hundred kliks away. Panel five: HULK. Really close. His TEETH GRITTED. Hard-CORE. HULK Two. Panel six: LOGAN. And we need to really get his EYES here. Something that we're not used to seeing in them... something extremely RARE. It's DISAPPOINTMENT. RESIGNATION. LOSS. CAPTION; LOGAN Banner ain't bluffing.
Awesome. Not only is the Hulk still kicking ass, but he's also factoring in that intelligence that Banner brings to the character. This is the most dangerous Hulk out there, the one that is not only brutally strong but is also cognizant of his actions. No word on when we can expect to see this book hit the stands, but hopefully its sooner than later. My Cup O' Joe on Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine