First episode of Witchblade on iTunes Store free

I watched the first season of Top Cow's Witchblade anime show as it aired on IFC, and I was pretty impressed. It was a little too much anime for my taste but the story was pretty intense and of course the fight scenes were brutal. The series is done airing on IFC, and I would imagine the creators are hard at work on season two at this point, however if you didn't get a chance to check out the series on IFC, you can check it out on iTunes. And what's even better, you can check out the first episode for free. Its worth downloading at least the first episode if you're a fan of Witchblade or anime in general. Its a somewhat non-traditional look at the character, as it depicts a new bearer in future Tokyo fighting off corruption and challengers for the blade. And its the first US comic book property to be made into a Japanese anime, which is pretty awesome actually. First episode of Witchblade on iTunes Store free