Gotham City Dossiers: Sirius Entertainment

Welcome to Gotham City Dossiers where I try and showcase a lesser known comics publisher. This isn't to say that these publishers need my help bringing attention to themselves, but I'd like to think that readers can get stuff here that they may not be able to get elsewhere. So enjoy, and be sure to check in every Thursday for Gotham City Dossiers. As I'm writing this its slowly turning to dusk. The temperature is chilling, and the sun is slowly descending behind a sea of red, orange and purple clouds. And then it will be night. But, as Aaron Eckhart said in The Dark Knight "the night is always darkest before the dawn;" those rays of light that burst through the sky at dawn remind us that a new day is upon us. Maybe that's why Sirius Entertainment launched to fame with their first major comic called Dawn. Founded in 1994 by Robb Horan and Lawrence Salamone, Sirius Entertainment initially secured the talents of Joseph Michael Linsner, Dark One and Kevin J. Taylor. You might of heard of these guys before, as they were pretty innovative talents in the industry. Seeing that talent could come from anywhere and needs to be nurtured, Robb and Larry sought to give creative talent a home to develop. In July 1995, Sirius Entertainment became the number eight comic pubisher in America as a result of the forementioned comic Dawn #1. Since then, they have remained in the top 15 publishers. Dawn is of course the story of the guardian of all the witches on Earth, the goddess they pray to. She is recognizable as red-haired and bearing three tears on her cheek. There's also Poison Elves, the monthly misanthopic adventures of Lusiphur, an elf with an attitude and the combat skills to back it up. Set in year 1515, Poison Elves is best described as a "medieval fantasy adventure where demons, wizards, fishnet stockings and handguns exist in disharmony." Its also one of the most widely read black and white comics in the industry today. And then there's Safety Belt Man, the story of Bill Bardo, a man somehow trapped in the body of a safety-belt testing dummy. Despite this he is somehow responsible for saving people from eminent disaster, and is unique in that it features a new artist every two months. Sirius Entertainment. Definitely worth a look. Sirius Entertainment