Holy Bat-Manga Batman!

It looks like manga and anime are taking over Omnicomic! Not really, but I will admit that I've been giving more love to anime with yesterday's announcement about the live action Ninja Scroll movie, and now I'm going to give love to manga. But of course, its Batman related manga. Bat Manga! The Secret History of Batman in Japan takes a look at one of comics most influential characters impact on Japan. In the book,Chip Kidd Saul Ferris and photographer Geoff Spear take a look at the Batman memorabilia's march through Japanese history. They recently did an interview with Manga.com in which they were pretty forthcoming with some of the creative details. The book drops October 28, 2008 just in time for Halloween. It is being released simultaneously in soft- and hardcover. The hardcover is a limited edition and contains an extra 32-page story and a different cover design. Both editions are full-color throughout and 352 pages and 384 pages, respectively. The interview is an excellent primer on the history of Batman on manga if you're interested. Interview with the creators of the Bat Manga collection