Lauren Shuler spills details on X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Superhero Hype made a point to talk to Lauren Shuler at a recent red carpet premiere about the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine film due May 1, 2009. While she wasn't too forthcoming with details about the movie, she did mention a few things that may be interesting. She mentioned that the Wolverine we'll be seeing this time around will be the darker and more badass side of our favorite clawed Canuck. The entire tone overall is darker than what we've seen in the X-Men films, which makes sense considering Logan's tale isn't necessarily for the faint of heart. But she did mention a hope for another character in Deadpool. CS/SHH!: And Ryan Reynolds is playing Deadpool. Schuler Donner: Yes. Ryan Reynolds is playing Deadpool... he plays Wade Wilson. CS/SHH!: Is that in hopes of a "Deadpool" spin-off film? Schuler Donner: I hope so. I really hope so. He's so good at it. So not a confirmation by any stretch of the imagination. But at least its a promising comment that could lead to us seeing Ryan Reynolds as an awesome Deadpool. I'm sure he's going to steal the show in the Wolverine film, and hopefully fans react positively enough to encourage Marvel to make a movie about the Merc with a mouth. X-Men Origins: Wolverine details