New footage from Watchmen

Can't wait till March to check out Watchmen, despite recent rumors that Zak Snyder changed the ending? Well, if you think I'm going to give you a means to watch the whole film now you're sorely mistaken (not to mention the fact Omnicomic would probably be destroyed by Warner Brothers for the leak). But, I do have links (courtesy of the same Warner Brothers) to very tasty looking high definition (and standard) video of the footage aired at this year's Spike Scream Awards. A lot of the footage we've already seen before, but there is some new stuff mixed in there as well. There's a lot more Rorschach this time around, as I'm pretty confident he's going to be the character that truly sells this movie. I know a lot of comic book fans may get mad at me for looking at the movie from a financial perspective, but I think the more people that see this movie and go read the graphic novel afterwards the better. And, if you don't like it, Alan Moore will personally annihilate you. I've seen it done.

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