Preview: Camelot 3000

King Arthur resided over the Knights of the Round. Which makes for good storytelling. And in the 1980s DC created a work called Camelot 3000, the story that pits Arthur and the same knights in the year 3000, fighting an alien invasion by their arch-nemesis Morgan Le Fey. The 12 issue work spanned a year and was a success among comic fans and readers in general. And on November 26, DC will release a celebratory hardcover edition. Written by Mike W. Barr and with art by Brian Bolland, Terry Austin, Bruce Patterson and Dick Giordano; Cover by Brian Bolland, Camelot 3000 is filled with bonus materials including never-before-seen preliminary artwork by Bolland and developmental material from writer Mike W. Barr! The 320 page color hardcover will set you back $34.99 and is due in stores November 26. Preview: Camelot 3000