Punisher: War Zone gets rated

Punisher diehards can sleep a little easier now. The MPAA has just rated Lexi Alexander's upcoming Punisher: War Zone R for "pervasive strong brutal violence, language and some drug use." Ah. I love the smell of pervasivs strong brutal violence in the morning. What does this mean? Well, basically the Punisher film you're hoping to see you will most likely see. There will be an excessively high body count, tons of shell casings hitting the floor and probably some intense fight sequences. Now this film isn't be done in house at Marvel like Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk were, so no word if there's going to be Marvel Universe continuity or not. My guess is no, but its something Marvel really needs to address for future superhero projects. At least Punisher and Spider-Man aren't being done by Marvel, which means their idea of a unified comic universe could hit some roadblocks if studios such as Sony or Lionsgate don't try and work in some continuity. But Marvel does own the characters, so they could use that as leverage if necessary to get that continuity written in. The film is currently scheduled for a December 5 release.