Review: Heroes - Angels and Monsters

Within the reviews I'm going to try and look at each review from the perspectives of each of the main characters, but because there are so many some of these could get lengthy. These are not spoiler free, so please be mindful of that when reading. This week opened with a recap...that was new. And the villain tagline is becoming more and more appropriate, what with the lines being crossed and all that. More heroes were introduced this episode, including Bubbles of (The Wire) fame as a man who can create vortexes and the Puppet Master. How are we introduced to the new characters? Via Claire. She is getting really stale really quickly, and now she's even bringing new characters into the mix for pointless reasons. And she brings a freaking taser. Mr. Bennett and Sylar show up to bring in Bubbles, but of course things get chaotic and he gets away, off to meet his family. At the meet, Mr. Bennett attempts to coerce Bubbles into sucking Sylar away into a vortex, but he refuses and sucks himself away. Great. Another hero created just to be killed. And next week a good portion of the episode will be devoted to Claire and her two moms at the whims of the Puppet Master. Good times. Why is Claire doing this? Why is she going after villains in the company files? I mean, I get her whole thing about how she still feels violated by Sylar and wants to ensure that others like him aren't out there. I get it. But what's the point? Is it just reckless rage? Mohinder/Maya is starting to get on my nerves. I get that Mohinder is supposed to be the key to the formula making its way into the world. But what's with the abductions? Does he need research subjects? Are these two random people going to inadvertently get powers from the formula? Is Maya really that stupid? Keeping with the history of the show, the Petrellis are at the center of the universe. Peter, Sylar, and Nathan are indeed brothers, but Mrs. Petrelli reveals to Nathan that he was given his powers. This of course doesn't please Nathan, and in addition to learning that Tracy was created, realizes that the company is more and more devious than he first thought. The end of the episode featured what is apparently Mr. Petrelli, lying in bed very "Big Boss" style (Big Boss of Metal Gear Solid series fame). And Parkman's dad is there, who last I checked was caught in a simulated world. But now he's out, showing Linderman to Nathan and Daphne to get things accomplished. Daphne. Apparently she's been chosen and approached by Linderman to recruit for the Resistance. Knox is recruited, and the two of them approach Hiro and Ando, fresh off of losing Monroe. Although I'm sure that Monroe was captured for his healing ability to help Mr. Petrelli get better. Knox wants to see if Hiro is badass and tells him to kill Ando, which he seemingly does. So Knox, Daphne and Hiro are now on a team heading out for their next target in Parkman. Little does Daphne know that that is her future husband she's about to seek out. Heroes is getting dangerously close to doing stuff in the story merely for the shock value of it and really not paying attention to continuity or anything, but I suppose that's the nature of comics. Mohinder is changing into a monster, but we really don't know why. Mrs. Petrelli is nowhere near as evil as Mr. Petrelli it seems, and the three sons are all sorts of f'ed up. And Mr. Bennett is still doing company work with Sylar, much to his chagrin. Characters are appearing who were thought to be dead. Storylines are being revisited. And things are getting hectic. Last season, the show took a few episodes to really get going, and I feel that its going to be the same this season. Overall rating: 87 out of 100


  1. you spelled attention wrong in your last paragraph. thought i let you know. and i agree with you this episode was all over the map as usual which is become all to disappointing in a show that had so much promise. maybe the vortex guy can come back since he could create a black hole to get back ya know. and now we know why ando kills hiro in the future cause id be pissed if he stabbed me.


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