Review: Heroes - Dying of the Light

Within the reviews I'm going to try and look at each review from the perspectives of each of the main characters, but because there are so many some of these could get lengthy. These are not spoiler free, so please be mindful of that when reading. I'm struggling to find words to describe last night's episode of Heroes. There were a few parts that showed promise, and other parts that just seemed forced. So I guess let's get to it. Parkman is back stateside and spends the entire episode at the airport, waiting for Daphne. He knows that the two of them will be married and have a child, but she isn't so keen on the idea. This leads to my first noticed lapse in continuity of the show. Daphne was talking to Mr. Linderman as Parkman was coming down the escalator. Of course if wasn't Mr. Linderman as it was only a hallucination caused by Parkman's dad. How did Parkman not sense that his dad was around? I mean, he can read minds and do the same stuff, but he couldn't sense that his dad was there? I know he may not have necessarily been trying to sense him, but still. Hiro and Ando are on a quest for African Isaac, who is named a precog. But how did they get into that situation? Well Hiro didn't actually stab Ando (which was pretty obvious from the start). He went back in time, got a collapsible sword and some blood packs and pre-arranged Ando's death to look like he killed him. This means that Ando will most likely use the same ploy in the future to fake stab Hiro, since there's no way I can see him actually doing it. Now Hiro and Ando are continuing on their quest to infiltrate the villains to learn more about them. Which leads to another lapse. At the time Hiro went back in time (violating his rule of never doing it again), Daphne, Knox and Ando were all present. Now, when Hiro froze time, Daphne should've known that he stopped time if she is faster than it. She already evidenced that at Hiro's office. Claire goes to save her biological mom from the Puppet Master, and of course her real mom tags along. This whole scene with the gun was pretty predictable as Claire's foster mom ended up shooting Claire and breaking the Puppet Master's hold on her, because of course he doesn't know that she has healing powers. So she wakes up, knocks him out and they finally do something smart in calling Mr. Bennet. He gets there, sedates him and makes an offer to Meredith to help him out (part of the one of us, one of them scenarios). Nathan and Tracy visit Mohinder and are given what they think to be a cure of sorts. But of course Mohinder just wants more test subjects and actually knocks them out. Daphne shows up to make Mohinder the villain offer and sees the madness that Mohinder is perpetrating. Tracy comes to, freezes her bonds and sets to escape with Nathan. We'll see how that works out for them. This leads me up to Peter and Sylar. Throughout the show, the story has been most interesting when Peter and Sylar at the center of it. Daphne releases Sylar, who promptly refuses and releases Peter. The two of them visit their mother in the hospital, and learn that the Pinehearst Company is at the center of it all. Peter storms the compound and is greeted by his father and a group of villains. At the end of last week, Mr. Petrelli was bedridden and alive by life support, but after draining the power (and life) out of Adam Monroe, we learn that the show finally has its Rogue. (I've always complained that there were too many characters on the show, but when they finally kill one its one that I actually liked). Anyways, Mr. Petrelli offers Peter the predictable hug, and of course takes all his powers. So I would think that the world's in the hands of Sylar. I don't know if the writers had this planned from the start or not, but it looks like the Petrellis are at the center of the whole story. Which makes sense, because it seems that they are the most powerful. It also makes sense why Peter and Sylar have similar versions of the ability to steal powers, as their dad has the same power. The conspiracy is quickly unraveling, and villains are quickly being redefined to give the show some purpose. Although it would be nice if the writers could come up with a different ending scenario to avoid than the destruction of the world. This episode kind of dragged on a bit because there was really no action, and I'm getting a little worried about the story. Its starting to get a little convoluted. I don't know if they can make this season as good as the first one (because the second one kind of lacked as well). I think that the writers don't really have a grand plan and are kind of making this up as they go along. Its not that there are necessarily plot holes, but there are parts of the story that just seem forced. I'll keep watching, but each episode is getting a bit more outlandish (which is really saying something considering the whole premise of the show revolves around people with abilities). Overall score: 85 out of 90


  1. ya it seems like they are trying to take what worked in season 1 that made the show great and rehash it in this season but just not as good. plus ando doesn't stab hiro in the future he does a fireball into him. and i am also finding the lack of continuity disturbing also where they state one thing then later on that is completely forgotten. like the whole peter sylar fight why didnt sylar jsut do the banshee scream at peter? ya know that would of kocked him out but of course if he does that then wouldnt that hurt his super hearing ability that he got in season one that is completely forgotten and speaking of powers he gets that just disappear like in the first few episodes of this season he gets that ability from that chick to whatever he touches sees wheres it been and all that what was the point of that power? that is what i am geting tired of they get all these ablities but never use them. it is getting tiresome and almost makngi the show boring to watch.


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