Review: Heroes - Eris Quod Sum

Within the reviews I'm going to try and look at each review from the perspectives of each of the main characters, but because there are so many some of these could get lengthy. These are not spoiler free, so please be mindful of that when reading. Translate "eris quod sum" and you get "will be and to be" which can mean a whole lot of things. At face value, I think it really means that this show is sucking and will be sucking. But as far as story goes, I think it is best defined as being the villains are villains and the heroes are heroes. Which means now we have to determine which is which. That being said, the show is trying to get too cute with the twists and turns, and have completely played out the fake death. This episode, Parkman, Daphne and Peter were all supposedly dead but weren't. Throw in the comment that Parkman made about his dad being able to do the same thing as him and you just know that Mr. Petrelli really didn't kill him. But at least Maya had her power taken away and is most likely gone from the show now. One less character to deal with. I think Mr. Petrelli pretty much defined the season so far by saying "I don't like your tone son. You're grounded." This badass villain that is completely ruthless has THAT as his menace line. Right. Not to mention that, but it seems like he's been waiting for everyone. First he had been waiting for Adam. Then he had been waiting for Peter. And then Sylar shows up and, guess what, he's been waiting for him too. He's always waiting. And his apparent lack of remorse in killing Parkman's dad is supposed to make us believe he's this ruthless? I'm sorry, but this show has yet to rightfully get a handle on his character. Elle broke into Claire's house to get help from her dad. Of course he's not there. So we now have the Hollywood Blonds in Claire and Elle on a cross-country trip towards Pinehearst. So yeah, they're not really wrestlers, but they did have a blonde bonding moment on the airplane (Elle can't control her electric powers now and she thinks flying on the airplane is a good idea) where they held hands. They get there and find Peter thrown out a window warning them to get away. This all leads to a reunion between Mr. Bennett, Meredith, Nathan and Tracy at Mohinder's apartment. And then a further reunion with Peter and Claire, both of whom warn Nathan not to go visit their dad. But of course, his confidence in his ability to fly gives him all this power in the world to have a good heart to heart with his dad. Mohinder is already at Pinehearst, using his intelligence to help perfect the formula. Who knows where this will end up. I'm not going to lie, this review may read pretty disjointedly. But that's because the episode was kind of disjointed. And I feel like the storylines in this season are really just going all over the map, and its not doing much for logic's sake. I'm starting to get to the point where its becoming more and more of a chore to watch this show. There are too many characters. Every episode seems to recycle the same formula: menacing villain waiting, person appears, menacing villain injures someone, villain waits some more, heroes assemble, heroes visit villain, menacing villain injures someone. I think you get the idea. Overall score: 70 out of 100