Rick Parker's Comics and Stories

You might have noticed the story Thursday about Sarah Palin brandishing a hockey stick in anger at EC Comics denizens. If you didn't, click over to it and then come back. Done? Good. I'll continue. The artist responsible for that cover is named Rick Parker, and he has a website focusing on the not quite standard comic book fare. His site, Rick Parker's Comies and Stories is a "surrealistic stream of subconsciousness kind of thing that follows the adventures of a boy and his friend through a nigtmarish landscape inhabited by flesh-eating zombies, wise-cracking birds and at least one love-starved VooDoo Princess." Well then. When you put it like that. Anyways, head on over and check out his stuff. I should warn you though, you may be confused as to what day it is while reading the site. There is lots of present, past present and future present titles, but that doesn't take away from the awesomeness of the illustrations and writing. Rick Parker's Comics and Stories