Spider-Man: Web of Shadows preorder goodies

Back in my younger video game playing days, there was more of a need to preorder. Mainly because not nearly as many copies were sent to retailers, but also because games weren't nearly as popular as they are now. Now, you can walk in to just about any store and pick up any release with a few exceptions (Wii Fit, Rock Band, etc.). So I'm not quite rushing out the door to preoder the upcoming Spider-Man: Web of Shadows game. But Gamestop and Best Buy have some preorder specials that might lead me to change my mind. At Gamestop if you preorder you get a free T-shirt while at Best Buy you can get a book of artwork for the game. Both are free of course, and both require you to preorder, so make sure to get in and your money down if you're looking to get either piece of memorabilia. And the game is due in stores October 21. In the meantime, check out the below trailer, the latest in a series of four giving you a little more insight into the game and its gameplay mechanics. Gamestop Preorder Best Buy Preorder