Spider-Man: Web of Shadows preview

Due later this month is another video game incarnation of the webhead himself Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows gives players the chance to play as the traditional suited Spidey or the black suit Spidey. Regardless of which one you play, the game looks to be awesome. Superhero Hype has gotten their hands on the game ahead of the October 21 release date, and have a rather lengthy preview up. "Not only does Spidey move through the game with all the speed, strength and agility as the real deal certainly would, it also cleverly uses his Spider-sense to ID and target threats and enemies, and gives him startling and dynamic levels of wall-crawling and web-slinging skills in an enormous playing field that makes the player feel like they're smack in the middle of the New York cityscape where the action can literally go anywhere. It's as if the player has been dropped in the middle of the most enormous action scene any of Sam Raimi's movies could come up with. And throughout the relentless battles, Spider-Man retains that classic Peter Parker sense of humor, spouting a running series of quips and one-liners conceived by comic book writer Brian Reed." That is definitely a stirring endorsement if I've ever see one. No word yet if the demo will be hitting Xbox Live or the PSN, but one could only imagine that a demo would be made available in the near future seeing as how the game is due out in a few weeks. I've never really gotten into Spider-Man games because its kind of difficult to get the mechanics of his character right in a video game. But this one definitely looks like it has some promise and could be a worthy addition to your game library if you like comic book themed games. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows preview