Virginia Comicon

Comicons are all the rage these days, with San Diego Comic Con setting the precedent a while back. Then New York Comic Con came around and is slowly making a name for itself as the second largest Comic Con in the US annually. If you look further down the list of comicons you're sure to come across the Virginia Comicon, the self-proclaimed "biggest comic book show in the state of Virginia." Coming to the Crowne Plaza West in Richmond on Sunday November 23 is the show. Admission is $5 for most, but you can get in for $4 if you sign up for the mailing list. Why should you go? Well, Battlestar Galactica fans can get a free copy of the convention exclusive BSG comic. Said books were written by James Kuhoric, guest of honor at the show and 2007 Scream Award nominee for his writing talents showcased in Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash. Other guests include pencillers Randy Green and Jason Craig. So if you're in Virginia, no matter where you are you're pretty close to Richmond (unless you're out Wise way). $5 isn't bad at all. Virginia Comicon


  1. hey no need for the Wise cheapshot. dont be jealous i went to school where dinosuars live and hobbits inhabit the hills. plus fredy vs jason vs ash was kick ass to read and enjoy. cause jason tears some people up nice and gory style.


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