Will we see a sequel to The Incredible Hulk?

The Incredible Hulk was a nice return to form for the big green beast. I liked Ang Lee's version, but the reboot seemed to have a bit more of the right feel for the character. And nothing against Eric Bana, but I felt that Edward Norton filled the role of Bruce Banner a bit better. But from a financial perspective it pretty much matched the first in terms of box office receipts, which doesn't guarantee a sequel. That being said, according to an interview with MTV producer Gale Anne Hurd is hoping it happens. "Next, he's likely to appear in an 'Avengers' movie, but that's completely up to Marvel," she explained. "It's wonderful that Marvel now controls so many of their own characters, and they can create a Marvel universe in film and populate it with so many of their characters who naturally exist together. I think an 'Avengers' film is a very exciting prospect." So he is most likely going to be in the Avengers film, but his role is yet to be determined. He'd make an awesome villain in the film, but who knows. Hurd did mention that Norton is first in line to reprise his role as Banner. "It's all going to depend on the screenplay and where his character goes in any sequel, because he does have a multiple-picture deal," she said of Norton. "[Norton's situation] is the same with every franchise like this, when you have one of the top actors of his generation." Its good news to hear that the producer and actor are both on board for a sequel, and that Hulk will most likely be in the Avengers movie. I would assume that if the Hulk were in that film that would be part of the multiyear contract Norton is signed to so he would be Banner in both that film and the Hulk sequel. Speaking of sequels, who will be the villain? "The Leader," she said when asked what Nelson was transforming into when last we saw him. "It would be a blast [to put the Leader in the sequel], and Tim Blake Nelson is tremendous and a very talented filmmaker in his own right." Will we see a sequel to The Incredible Hulk?