Zak Snyder changes Watchmen ending?

You've surely heard by now that footage from Watchmen has been screened for various audiences. Nothing to see there, as that happens all along. But some posters on IMDB posted that the film's ending was a dramatic departure from the book's ending. Those posts have, of course, been taken down, but iFilm has a nice recap of the changes in question. I'll summarize them below, but be warned that there are spoilers so if you don't want to see then don't read ahead. The font is black, so be sure to highlight it to make it easier to read. Apparently, the climax of the graphic novel where Veidt releases his squid in New York City was left out of the movie. Instead, Ozymandias builds a machine that simulates Dr. Manhattan's powers and uses it to set off atomic explosions all over the world. Now this is a pretty crucial scene within the context of the story, and adds that sort of gravitas that the story warranted at that point. According to many the ending still works thematically, and according to Kevin Smith in an interview with Collider just as well as the book's ending. “It’s a little different. While it is a slight departure, it actually makes sense in the context of the story because it brings the characters back into it. It kind of makes the movie more about them by the end of it because of the switch they made. I would never say that Alan Moore fucked it up or something. I love the ending of the Watchmen comic book, but I think this ending works just as well.” So it seems that the new ending (if that is the case) will work just as well, and if Kevin Smith recommends it then its got to be at least halfway decent. But I'm sure if Snyder did in fact change the ending, we can expect at minimum a partial uproar among the comic community. As long as the ending fits within the theme of the book and isn't Hollywoodized for the sake of box office receipts (a la the theatrical ending of I Am Legend), fans of the book will be happy with the film. Although this certainly won't help Alan Moore change his view about comics to movies however. Zak Snyder changes Watchmen ending?