Batman: Brave and the Bold site live

Batman lives in cartoons! Batman: Brave and the Bold is a new animated series that recently premiered on Cartoon Network, and airs Fridays at 8 PM. And now there's a fully operational website teeming with funness for visitors to check out. The site boasts "inter-action" figures, which let users create their own versions of their favorite characters, a game called "The Terror of the Time Traps," and character drawing lessons. Check it out. Full press release below. Warner Bros. Animation has unveiled a new website supporting the 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold' animated series, which premiered earlier this month on Cartoon Network and Fridays at 8 PM ET/PT. The free, all-ages, ad-supported site is online now at It features a serialized Batman game entitled “The Terror of the Time Traps,” interactive virtual action figures known as “Inter-Action Figures,” detailed back story on many of the popular DC Comics characters who co-star in upcoming episodes of the show, step-by-step character drawing lessons featuring Batman and friends, and more. BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD website © Cartoon Network “The new ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ site is an interactive experience for fans where they can engage with some of Warner Bros. Animation’s most iconic characters in unprecedented ways,” said Sam Ades, Vice President, Digital Animation, Warner Bros. Television Group, and General Manager, “Our site combines the coolest characters from the DC Comics family with the control, interactivity, and social media features that younger audiences have grown to expect from their entertainment content.” Among the content, activities and behind-the-scenes material on the new site are: * “Inter-Action Figures” – Intuitive drag-and-drop tools empower users to select their favorite characters and create custom printable scenes from “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.” Each character comes with a variety of poses and can be positioned inside the scene using backgrounds from the show. Future functionality will allow users to export these scenes for use as wallpapers, screen savers and across other digital applications. Additional custom tools encourage viewers to engage with the characters by learning their history and hearing them speak. The “Spotlight” tool reveals each character’s biography, while the “Talk” tool plays audio clips that highlight the character’s unique personality. * Multi-Level Game – In “The Terror of the Time Traps” game, a mysterious force has overcome Batman and his friends, requiring them to embark on a series of challenges and battles. Throughout the television season, the game will unveil new levels, characters and challenges, with each segment tying back to a recent broadcast episode. As in the show, each level of the game requires Batman to partner with another character (to be selected by the player) to attempt to save the world. For example, the game will take players under the sea where Aquaman and Batman will team up to save Atlantis. Single-player game play encourages players to toggle between the two characters, using their respective superpowers to gain points, tackle challenges and advance. High scores are posted daily creating a fun way to enjoy the characters and encourage friendly competition with other fans. * Character Drawing Lessons – The artists responsible for the dynamic look and feel of “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” are featured on the site in instructional vignettes that coach fans and aspiring animators in the strokes, tips and tricks required to draw Batman and the other characters featured on the show. The new “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” site is located at and is part of the online destination It can also be reached through prominently featured links at