Buck Rogers of the 21st century

Frank Miller is picking up steam as a film director. It started with his own work, Sin City, but since then has seen 300 hit theaters (I know he didn't direct that, but he had a hand in it) in addition to The Spirit this Christmas. So yeah, he's getting more and more involved in the film process. Rumors have tied him to yet another fabled property in Buck Rodgers, and IESB reports that that rumor may be getting closer to reality. IESB caught up with The Spirit producer Deborah Del Prete who mentioned that we can expect an announcement from Miller sometime in the near future about the next character he's bringing to the big screen. Now, the options appear to be either Buck Rogers of Flash Gordon, and sources in the Miller camp are saying that it is ineed Rogers we can expect to see as the old school hero that will get the film treatment next. Now this is interesting. Last I checked, Virgin Comics held the rights to the Buck Rogers comic. I'm not sure if these rights extend to the property itself (I'm thinking no) but Virgin Comics shut its doors last year. Which means that it'll be interesting to see where this all stands. This is also assuming that it is indeed Buck Rogers that will be brought to the screen by Miller. Buck Rogers of the 21st century