CW cancels Graysons before they take flight

That didn't last nearly as long as I thought it would. The Graysons has been canceled despite not even being on the air according to Variety. The show apparently never got full WB approval, and of course without approval you can't do anything unfortunately. The show was being tapped to replace the departing Smallville, but it appears that now there will be a superhero television void. But is the lack of approval the only thing? "The studio has opted not to go forward with the development of 'The Graysons' at this time as the concept doesn't fit the current strategy for the Batman franchise," the studio said in a statement. "Warner Bros. Television is currently working on several replacement options for the CW." Fit the current strategy of the Batman franchise? This sounds to me like Christopher Nolan is carrying some serious clout at Warner Brothers and DC Comics. I mean, they obviously want him to do a third Batman film, so it doesn't make sense to piss him off. But is there a point where it gets to be a little too much? I mean, I'm not the biggest fan of Robin, but still. Nolan isn't keen on featuring Robin in his Batman franchise, but why should other fans be deprived of the character? This is of course all rumor at this point, but its something that wouldn't totally surprise me if it were true. CW cancels Graysons before they take flight