A Dark Horse Christmas

Thanksgiving is over, so we can now start focusing on the next holiday whose true meaning has been completely bastardized by commercialism in Christmas. Let the countdown begin! Sometimes its tough to figure out what to get for certain people, and comic book folk especially can be somewhat tricky to narrow down good gift options. One site you may want to check out is Dark Horse, which has tons of quality comic book stuff that would make great gifts. Everyone's favorite rampaging miniature Domo is available for purchase, in addition to Hellboy stuff, The Spirit merchandise and Buffy. There's also a pretty awesome coloring kit and a pretty epic looking limited edition hardcover of The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite for sale as well. I'm sure that other comic book publishers will have similar merchandise available pertinent to their intellectual properties, but Dark Horse has always had some of the more unique properties. Dark Horse Christmas goodies