The Dark Knight Best Buy specials

Have you checked your calendars lately? If so, you may have noticed that today is November 27, and December 9 is closer than you think. I'm sure every one of you have a plan as to where you'll be getting The Dark Knight when it comes out on DVD. I'm here to let you know though that if you go to Best Buy you're going to have a lot of options as to which version of the film you get. Superhero Hype has a list of the nine (yes, nine) different versions of the DVD/Blu-ray, each coming with various Batman memorabilia. We already know about the Batpod version, but Best Buy is also offering limited edition Joker/Batman figurines with the special edition version of the film. What other versions are there you ask? Dark Knight: Fullscreen Version Dark Knight: Widescreen Version Dark Knight: Special Edition Dark Knight: Special Edition (w/ Batman Mask) BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE Dark Knight: Special Edition (w/ Clown Mask) BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE Dark Knight: Blu-Ray Dark Knight: Blu-Ray (w/ Batpod) Dark Knight: Blu-Ray (w/ Batman Mask) BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE Dark Knight: Blu-Ray (w/ Clown Mask) BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE That's a lot of versions, and you certainly should not get all of them. I guess it boils down to whether you want a Batpod, Batman mask or Clown mask, and then if you want the Joker or Batman figurine. Take your pick. You can't really go wrong with any choice, because at the end of the day the film still kicks ass. The Dark Knight at Best Buy