David Cohen on Bender's Game

Futurama was extremely short-lived. Ask me, your friends or any other fan of the show and they'll more than likely say the same thing. And because of Fox's stupidity with leaving great shows on the air (Arrested Development anyone?), he's been relegated to giving fans his beauty in direct to DVD format. The latest being Bender's Game, due in stores November 4. Wizard Universe has an interview with Mr. Cohen about the film, in which he waxes on everything from Dungeons and Dragons to combining medievalness with Futurama. "It was fairly complicated. We knew we wanted to do the swords and sorcery part, the medieval part, and that that should be the visual theme of the third [DVD film]. We wanted to see all the characters in their medieval and fantastical forms. But we did not want to do a full hour and a half of that. We felt like it would get repetitive, and we didn't want our take on it to be as long as a real "Lord Of The Rings" movie or something like that [Laughs]. Part of the parody nature of it is to move things along at a quicker pace, and so once it bogs down to the level of detail of the original, people have to keep track of where every army is, and I think it would not have worked well." The interview is well worth the read as some insight into the new movie. Its also nice to know at least one other person familiar with the good old twelve-sided die. And yes, the title is most likely a play on Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, which is awesome in its own right. Wizard Universe interviews David Cohen