Defense With the BoomStick

Well, well, well it can't be that time again can it? This is Brandon again. Right now I've been faring better since losing those two great people who were sharing my place with me. Since then I have not encountered any new survivors, plenty of those undead bastards to shoot at though which has been fun (always nice to get out some anger on those jackasses, especially when they are reaching and moaning and you can't help but laugh as that round hits 'em in the eye and their brain explodes like a melon). Overall supplies are still good, still got plenty of ammo and different guns to mess around with and keep my sharpness and skills up. Actually on my last mission outside I found a freaking long bow and that has been fun to work with. Today I am gonna go over the use of armor, considering the pros and cons of it and also availability of certain types also. In all cases of you versus the zombies, your speed and agility and natural nimbleness as a living being are the most important and keen traits to keep about you. Wearing armor can only decrease these natural skills and advantages you have against zombies. Not only can certain types completely slow you down, causing you to move as slow as them but it will allow you to be surrounded more easily and basically become a zombie. You figure that a full suit of armor like knights used to wear would be the best, but like said you move very slowly, and your vision is skewed because of the helmet and this all goes against you to get you killed. Chain mail is a little more movable and functional to use as it helps protects against bites because of its design, but unless you have trained with this for years and know your level of movement with it it is advised against wearing it. Unless you are planning to do underwater combat, a shark suit is also advised against as the protection it does offer is negated by the fact that fact that it is very noisy, not comfortable to wear and you natural speed is hindered. Bulletproof vests on the other hand can be useful in certain situations, as you won't need them against zombies (all they cover are your chest and/or up to your neck but your arms and legs are still unprotected. The bulletproof vest does come in handy when fighting against marauders and bandits, as I know mine have saved my life on a few occasions. From hearing other survivors' tales and from my own experiences the best bet is just to have tight clothes and short hair as your best defense against the zombies. With these two things done the zombie has nothing to grab and pull you into their mouth area and increasing your chances of getting past them if necessary. That's it for today. Hope this tips gets to all you out there in good health and still alive to use it and keep on surviving and never stopping the fight for our world as we were here first. I am gonna hop off here see if can scrounge up some sort of meal, and possibly go get some more practice in with that long bow. That's what it all comes down to: constant practice, vigilance and strength to keep on going. Till next week this is Brandon signing off.