Defense With the BoomStick

It seems to be that time again and oh what a time it is, as it is time for me, your good pal Brandon, to speak my mind and share my knowledge for all you out there listening in and staying alive. Did hear on the wire that overseas they are having success in combating the zombie hordes and erradicating whole bunches of them and creating safe zones for survivors and refugees to make their way to. To which, if you are overseas in the Australia area or near the islands that are south of Asia, most of them are being claimed as havens, such as the Philippines. For us here in the western hemisphere, I hear Puerto Rico and Cuba are doing very well, so if you can make it to them do so but be careful. For us in the United States most of the country is still a hotzone but pockets of resistance are appearing in the northern states of Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Vermont, Maine and even further up in the Canadian provinces also. That’s all for the news as of now, so let's get to the tip of the week that will keep your ass alive long enough to make it to one of these zones. I think I am gonna discuss the pros and cons of handheld bomb type devices. The most readily available and easy made is the molotov cocktail because alcohol is abudant everywhere (at least here in the United States it is), and the higher the proof the better. So the simple act is to stuff a rag into the top of the bottle, and tightening it to make sure no liquid gets in. Then when you see the group of zombies light the rag that remains outside the bottle and throw it, thus spreading the liquid around when the bottle breaks and covering the zombies in flames. Sounds good right? Well wrong. Yes, it does work to a degree, but now that zombie is a walking fireball that can not only set other zombies on fire, but also any nearby structure that is flammable and can cause more damage then good. If you can get your hands on government or federal ordinance, then grenades or dynamite come in handy in making pipe bombs with the dynamite or using the grenades straight up. Just have to remember a zombie doesn’t die like us normal people. You can blow off every limb of a zombie but if the head is not penetrated or destroyed then they are still a threat. So an after battle clean up is necessary when devices such as these are implemented, so be careful. It is usually best to use these devices as an early warning system by attaching a trip wire, so you know zombies are coming, but not your main defense against them or to help in a retreat also they work best. Beyond these few not much else is gonna help besides your trusty sidearm and main weapon. So there it is for today, hope some of these news gets to the people who need it as those are the ones in the msot dire of situations and I hope the best for you. Here I am signing off wanting to get little more work done around the compound before gets to dark.