Election Day - VOTE!!!!!

I'm not going to get all political on you here. Whether you believe in Barack Obama, John McCain or the third party it doesn't matter. Well, it does matter. But what I mean is that the important thing is that you get out and vote. Omnicomic will be here when you get back (promise) and you'll be a better person. So go vote if you're of voting age, and have a say in the future of this country. Most polls are open until 7 PM, and a lot of employers will let you take off a bit early to get to your voting district. This is a pretty pivotal election, so make sure you do your part. And if you choose not to vote that's perfectly fine as well. However, you do lose all rights to complain about the winner if you're not happy with that person though since you didn't care enough to vote in the first place.