Freshmen T-shirt for sale

Did you happen to catch Heroes last night? No? Well then let me tell you what you missed. In addition to an actually pretty solid episode, you also missed a cameo appearance by Seth Green and Breckin Meyer. And of course, Meyer took the opportunity to pimp his and Green's comic Freshmen by wearing a shirt advertising the comic. Now YOU can also have that shirt, if you so desire! Top Cow is selling the t-shirt, which advertises the Freese College Beavers logo on black. Yes, you probably didn't see the shirt unless you paused the DVR or did it in slow-motion, since they were in the episode just long enough to say "awesome." But don't let that stop you from representing your love of Freshmen. The shirt is $19.99, and you can get it in standard, ringer, long-sleeve or baby doll forms. Each type has different color options, so be sure to look around some before settling on a style. Freshmen T-shirt for sale