Gotham City Dossiers: Abaddon Books

Welcome to Gotham City Dossiers where I try and showcase a lesser known comics publisher. This isn't to say that these publishers need my help bringing attention to themselves, but I'd like to think that readers can get stuff here that they may not be able to get elsewhere. So enjoy, and be sure to check in every Thursday for Gotham City Dossiers. Science fiction, horror and comic books have pretty much always been in unison. Before superheroes really caught on, comic books focused on strange tales of science and horror (in addition to crime), relying on the shock factor of the works to draw people in. Some publishing companies still rely on those factors, including Abaddon Books. Clive Barker believes that Abaddon Books "promises to deliver a whole new generation of dark fantastic fiction." That's quite a tall task to live up to, but it appears that Abaddon Books does so. Tomb of the Dead: The Devil's Plague is written by Mark Beynon and is about The Battle of Worcester in England. Oliver Cromwell is fresh of a deal with the Devil where he has been given a fierce army of the undead-the Kryfangans- in exchange for his soul. Sniper Elite: Spear of Destiny is by Jaspre Bark and is not to be confused with the Sword of Destiny. In Berlin, 1945, Karl Fairburne is a member of an elite sniper corps, working for the American secret service deep behind enemy lines. Stalin's troops have over run the city looking to revenge the battle of Stalingrad and seize control of the Nazi's nuclear secrets before their British and American allies. It should be noted that Tomb of the Dead is part of a series of works, so there are other books featuring the same title with different storylines. The entire catalog is pretty unique and creative, and you can definitely expect to get your sci-fi fill from the books. Abaddon Books