Gotham City Dossiers: Bongo Comics

I've always been a fan of The Simpsons. Granted, the show is kind of past its prime and isn't quite as biting as it used to be. But I still like it. One of the great things to come from the show were the Simpsons Illustrated magazines, which offered readers behind the scenes looks at the show. When the magazine's run ended, Steve and Cindy Vance teamed up with Matt Groening and Bill Morrison to start Bongo Comics. The first comics that Bongo Comics launched with in 1993 were Simpsons Comics, Radioactive Man, Batman and Itchy and Scratchy. The list has expanded quite a bit since then and is currently at about twenty different comics. Now of course, the majority of the line focuses on The Simpsons, but there are some others in there including Futurama, Heroes Anonymous and Roswell. I'm sure all of them have the typical Groening humor, so if you're a fan of his shows then you're definitely going to like what Bongo Comics has to offer. Bongo Comics is definitely not your standard superhero comics fare, but it is still enjoyable entertainment. I'd highly recommend checking some of the books out if you live any of Groening's works, because you'll likely get some biting satire of some isues in life. Bongo Comics