Heroes game canceled

The adage during the first season of Heroes was "save the cheerleader, save the world." Back in more innocent times when Claire actually wasn't an annoying character and the storylines weren't convoluted beyond belief. But I digress. Now in its third season, there have been tons of tie-ins (comics and graphic novels included), but one of the expected tie-ins has yet to materialize in a video game. Now, MTV Multiplayer says we'll probably never see the game at all. Originally, Ubisoft was slated to release the game sometime next year, but that has been nixed with the recent creative team shakeup. Here’s the statement from public relations director Jaime Cottini: “The rights to the ‘Heroes’ video game have reverted back to NBC Universal. Ubisoft will no longer produce a video game based on the TV series.” NBC Universal have the rights to the game again, and I wouldn't expect them to make the game now. With the ratings slipping with every episode, its hard to imagine that they would want to invest in a game that may not be successful. Heroes game canceled