Heroes to face some more changes

Just because there wasn't an episode of Heroes this week doesn't mean you won't get some insight from yours truly on the show. Lately those insights have been less than stellar, as this season the show has gotten to be really convoluted, the storylines too big for their own good and way too many characters. And I'm not the only one to have noticed, as viewership has fallen compared to past seasons and the show has kind of lost itself. Tim Kring is not happy about this, and as Variety reports he has some big plans in store. Kring recently told Variety that both Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander have been relieved of their duties on the show, which included writing and producing the shows. Kring's plan to fix the show is to simplify the seemingly overcomplex storylines and get back down to the root of the show in good versus evil. Huh. A show inspired by comics that focuses on the battle between good and evil. Its a wonder that hasn't been successful before (sarcasm). This is really awesome news. This season has really gotten to the point where its lost that magic that made it such a huge smash its first season. Too many characters have been reduced, and there's been way too many storylines that try to one up one from the previous week. Hopefully Kring will draw a line in the sand so to speak with the characters and clearly define heroes and villains, making this season's tagline that much more effective. I haven't completely given up on this show just yet, and this news really gives me a bit more incentive to stick with it to see how this all pans out. Tim Kring changing Heroes (hopefully for the better)


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