Justin Theroux on Iron Man 2

I am excited for Iron Man 2. Scratch that. BEYOND excited. The first film was pleasantly surprising in its awesomeness, and Robert Downey, Jr. fits the role of Tony Stark perfectly. And Jon Favreau did a phenomenal job directing the film, knowing full well that the sequel will be measured against a higher bar than the first. Because there is that higher bar, Marvel Studios is bringing on board a few more writers to help with the story, one of those being Justin Theroux. UGO caught up with the witty writer for an interview, and some of his responses give us some insight into the upcoming film. In regards to the script, Theroux admits the crew is still in the relative early phases of the process. "We’ve kind of got a first draft around. You know what I mean? I just got back from London where I was working with Robert and Kevin Feige. He was out there. We were talking with Robert, who’s out there doing Sherlock Holmes, he was giving his input and his notes. We’re sort of there. It’s just sort of chugging along. The crews, I think, are now starting to see what they need to make, and the places that we might be going and all the rest within the story. That’s sort of one of the more exciting times." What does this mean to you true believer? Admittedly, not much. Theroux knows who the villain is going to be but won't mention it. He also knows that Gwyneth Paltrow still isn't confirmed for the sequel, which would really be a shame. He's also eager to write for Don Cheadle in the role of War Machine, although he admits it will be somewhat challenging. "I think that will probably be something that comes up...I haven’t met Don, and I think I’m going to in a little bit and I think once I get a better sense of his voice and also hear what he has to say about what he likes about the character and just pick his brain a little bit, then we’ll obviously start to tailor it to him. Once he sort of gets more involved in the process then we’ll start tapering the length of his character...making it fit just right." Check out the full interview for more details (or lack thereof). The interview also features his thoughts on the recent home theater release of Tropic Thunder (a hilarious film if you haven't checked it out already). Justin Theroux on Iron Man 2