Mayor of Batman Turkey suing Batman

I've never been to Turkey. Sure I'd love to visit, but its not exactly high on my travel list (no offense at all to those that live in Turkey). Despite never being there, I am amused that there is a town there called Batman. Of course, its novel to pose for a picture next to a sign there (right Todd?). But it has nothing to do with everyone's favorite Caped Crusader Batman. Until now. Variety reports that Huseyin Kalkan (the mayor of Batman, Turkey), is suing Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan for using the name of the town without their permission. Let me repeat. A mayor of a town named Batman is just now suing WB and Nolan for the name. I don't think I even have to break this down, but since that's my job I will. I can only imagine that this lawsuit is just now coming to life because The Dark Knight was slightly successful at the box office. And with oil prices plummeting, perhaps the mayor needs to get another source of income? I honestly don't see how this lawsuit can have any merit whatsoever. Last I checked, city names aren't trademarked or anything. And I really don't think you can say that a person with the same name as a city can have a negative impact on the other (and vice versa). WB is giving the standard "no comment" on the matter, and I really don't expect this lawsuit to go anywhere. I honestly don't even know where the trial would be held. Stay tuned for details. Mayor of Batman Turkey suing Batman