New Arrivals: November 19, 2008

This week I'm making a pick that answers an age old question. A question akin to who would win a fight between a monkey in a wagon or a lemur in a big wheel. The question of who would win between a vampire and a yeti. I know right. That's the first thing we all think about when we first wake up: who would win that fight. Miles Gunter & Kelsey Shannon bring you the answer to question in Yeti vs. Vampire #1, featuring brain-eating steroid monks, psycho werewolf punks, severed, screaming heads on fire and point-blank napalm strikes all in just the first 12 pages. If you like Bastard Samurai, Miles Gunter (NYC Mech, Zombee, Weird War Tales) and/or Kelsey Shannon (Invincible, X-Men: Unlimited, Batman Adventures), odd are you'll like this book. Enjoy! New Arrivals: November 19, 2008