Preview: DC Universe: Decisions #4 (of 4)

With the big presidential election tomorrow it would make sense that superheroes would want to vote. After all, how can you stand for truth, justice and the American way and not vote right? In DC Universe: Decisions #4 (of 4), the heroes of the DC Universe hunt the villains planning to assassinate the presidential candidates. Of course, some heroes have used the mission as an opportunity to openly endorse candidates. Which means that yes, even Superman must decide if he sides with the red in his cape or the blue in his tights. Written by Judd Winick and Bill Willingham, and with art by Howard Porter (covers by Stephane Roux), DC Universe: Decisions #4 (of 4) hit stores October 29 and is on sale for $2.99. Be sure to check out the book (as well as the first three if you haven't already) and get to the polls tomorrow to vote. Preview: DC Universe: Decisions #4 (of 4)