Preview: Jingle Belle: Santa Claus vs Frankenstein

Santa Claus has fought Jesus in South Park in an epic battle. Now Top Cow is pitting the jolly old man against Frankenstein in Jingle Belle: Santa Claus vs. Frankenstein. The one-shot is best described as Halloween meets Christmas (and we're certainly between the two holidays) and is written by Paul Dini. Stephanie Gladden of Powerpuff Girls fame brings the story to life with an awesome cover by Greg Horn. In the story, Frankenstein's monster if found by Jingle in the Arctic wastes and is created to fit in with the elves at Santa's Workshop. But then Santa is declared taboo and Frankenstein gets pissed. Santa and Jingle Belle must stop his rampage. The 32-page one-shot hits stores December 3 for $2.99. Preview: Jingle Belle: Santa Claus vs. Frankenstein